Your daughter is joining the workforce. 7 Things that will help to adjust.


She walked into the room with a big smile in her face. We looked at her and asked what she was so happy about; “I got the job,” she answered proudly. We all hugged. After a few minutes of congratulations, she looked at us and said, “Now what?” You see, it is not that she hasn’t been in an office before. ¡Qué va! She has had different internships at several companies over the last four years, but they were just that, internships. She was mostly getting credit for her work, but mainly, experience in her field. This time, this time, it was for real! ¡A tiempo completo! A full time, 9am-6pm, job!

We sat together as a family, her older brother included, and discussed some pros and cons of the working world and offered some suggestions to help her get started. “Things might change from one day to the next,” her brother said, “but it is important that you stay diligent in your work and make your deadlines. If you are not going to be able to finish a project, you must let your immediate supervisor know right away.” To this she asked why. Dad responded, “You want to make sure they know that you’re staying on task at all times. It show initiative, strength, and letting them know how your workload is going is not a sign of weakness. It shows you care and want to do it the right way.”

Of course her and I talked about what to wear and how important first impressions are as well. ¡La primera impresión cuenta!


Here are a few things I shared with her that I believe will her help her navigate her first real job!

  1. Dress the part– You have one shot at giving a good impression. It’s not necessary to break the bank though, dress appropriately. Show pride on your style.
  2. Work the clock– Be on time, always! It’s better that you wait for others than others waiting for you. It shows respect!
  3. Manners matter– Greet everyone with a smile and a hello, every morning. Unless you have been told otherwise, address everyone by Mrs. or Ms. or Mr. It shows you value others.
  4. Say Yes!-Even if you are not familiar with a task or have never done it before, show that you are willing to find out how to do it. It shows initiative!
  5. Responsibility is a must– Let your record show that you take your job seriously and never give excuses. It shows character!
  6. Be assertive– If you have an idea that you believe could work, don’t be afraid to bring it to the table. It shows you are vested in your work.
  7. Flexibility please– Your boss may change her mind a few hours a day or may need you to work a weekend or two. Be available!

Most of you might still have younger kids, but if your kids are in college, pretty soon you will have this conversation. What advise will you share with your son or daughter as they start their first job? Would love to hear your comments! ¡Comentarios, por favor!

Bai, Bai,