Reading at home?  Easy with @ReadConmigo

As a parent of two children and as a multicultural parenting author and blogger, I know first hand about the benefits of reading to young children being directly correlated to their academic success. Research shows that reading to kids from birth on up improves their aptitude for learning, making them more apt in all facets of formal academics. Unfortunately, literacy statistics also show that minorities especially Hispanics are among the lowest scoring readers.  Two of the major obstacles cited for their poor performance are access to books and language.

Parents in Spanish-dominant homes may not know of free resources, English or Spanish, to read with their children beside their local library. Work schedule, library hours, and/or limited Spanish selections, make it hard for parents to find time to visit the library with their kids. But there are other options available that parents can use directly at home or by mail.

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Read Conmigo, for example, is an award-winning national children’s bilingual literacy program, and a great resource for families. It is free to families everywhere, and parents can easily access the program’s digital library anytime by simply signing up for the program. Si, GRATIS! Parents can also build up their bilingual home library since Read Conmigo mails one physical book t every four months to all its members until children graduate from fifth grade. Qué bueno!

Here is what two parents have to say about the program.

“I am grateful to ReadConmigo for providing such an amazing program, that continues to enrich our children in both languages.” Norma Yáñez, Parent  (Norma actually won an iPad for a video contest during Bilingual Literacy Month. Here is the video.)

“Read Conmigo is life changing for parents because it emphasizes the value of family reading time in both English and Spanish. This program shows parents how to get more involved in their children’s education.” –Jonathan Martinez, Community Outreach Director

Entonces, there are no excuses – parents can give their kids the upper hand to a great education by reading with them daily for at least 15 minutes, either with a physical book or digitally on their computer or mobile device. This small investment of time now will pay off big dividends later, regardless of language. Sign up! Subscríbase!

 And to keep up with all the books that ReadConmigo offer, I will be reviewing a book from their list once a month right here under my Children’s Library. Leer, leer,leer!

This is just the beginning of a beautiful collaboration! Join me in supporting ReadConmigo’s misson: to promote bilingual literacy, one family at a time!


 For more on ReadConmigo, please visit their site

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