A New Year brings about new opportunities, Let’s Believe!

What I like about a new year is that we get to start over or we get to move on from when we left off. Now approaching the third week of the year, I feel like I am staying committed towards my main goal of staying on task and moving forward towards new accomplishments, so I can keep the momentum going from last year. As I approach my next birthday (it is a big one…), I realize that looking back is never an option, that every moment is precious and should be valued and appreciated.

I don’t know about you, but there have been years when I have looked back at goals not met and felt disappointed rather than thrilled for the ones I did fulfill. I think we tend to be our toughest critics and sometimes we forget to pat our backs for a job well done. Perhaps, we had ten goals on our list and we only met five. And that should be ok! Those other five? Let’s roll them over and try again. Lets move them forward to the new year! With hope. With energy. With determination. With gusto!

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by positive women in all of the communities I’m blessed to belong to, whether online or offline. I have enjoyed seeing all the posts about their 2017 Word and how they are going to use that word to move forward, professionally and personally. These women inspire me. They motivate me. I am humble by their wisdom and their charisma! I’m in awe of their passion and determination, their work! They are my support and the ones I have come to count on every single day! It is because of these women that for the second year in a row my anchor word is BELIEVE. I feel like I didn’t do a great job at believing last year. Yet, there was much accomplished and much to feel proud of. My tribe you ask? They did believe in me, and championed my efforts every step of the way. So, this year, I am ready to BELIEVE 100%! I can’t think of a better way to honor my friends than to BELIEVE all the way!

Here is to YOUR 2017 word… I BELIEVE!

Bai, Bai