#We All Grow – Take 3 – Impacted by the #EnergyofSisterhood


It has been over a month since #WeAllGrow Summit 17, and I’m still relishing in its impact. This was my third consecutive year attending the conference for social media influencers and entrepreneurs. That makes me an alumni attendee, a badge I wear with pride!












Once again, the two-day event didn’t disappoint. From the #AlasParaVolar welcoming party sponsored by Macy’s and paying tribute to Frida Khalo, to the daily keynote speakers, workshops, and the sponsored suites and events, there was much to learn and many “aha” moments to experience each day.

A favorite session was learning how to use our social influence for social good and listening to Xochitl Osegura from Mamás con Poder and Laurita Tellado Calderón from The Laurita Spina Bifida Project, among others, talk about the effects of digital communication in their activities.










A Latina Makers Market outside Hotel Maya’s courtyard area included tables with hand made products by Latinas: cards, Mayan textiles bags, chic and sparkly piñatas, traveling bags, and jewelry, among other beautiful items. I bought a Handmade by Helena dirty clothes bag, and a couple of Xenia’s, Homegirl Por Vida rocks, one that stimulates intuition and clears away inner negativity, and the other one, a fluorite, is for clarity and focus.

But it was really reconnecting with old friends and making new ones that highlighted my experience. Being relatively new to social media, it is always a joy to embrace the women that have been my compass the last two and a half years in this particular universe. Their encouragement and support have made a difference and have kept me going. As a boomer generation mom, navigating these waters has not been easy, but I have been able to do it because of my friends WeAllGrow Latina Network. And, I want to believe that as I have learned from them, I have been able to impart some of my experience and life wisdom with many in this community.

It is fitting that this year’s theme was #EnergyofSisterhood. Two days after the event, I received this text from a wonderful hermana I met two years ago: “I can’t believe it, we don’t have a picture together! You know what, Maritere, although I was sad you couldn’t stay for the storytellers section, there was a meaning behind it. When I saw how truly sad you were that you couldn’t make it, I realized how much you care about me and how much you support me. I couldn’t say this that night, because there were many others around, but “se me encogió el corazón,” my heart shrunk… and at that moment I realized how lucky I’m to call you my friend. Thank You! In the ride back from your house last year, you told me I should be a storyteller and you inspired me to submit my story for this year! I’m so thankful for your encouragement and know that you have made a difference in my life!”


Marianna Du Bosque, (@bilingualavenue) your words touched my heart and I will always treasure them… They reaffirmed my belief that this community, founded by the incomparable Ana Flores, (@laflowers) is truly a vehicle that unites all Latinas and it gives us the means, the ways, the wings to support and elevate one another.

Watching Marianna share her #DreamBigPrincess story reminded of my own story. I didn’t particular lose my voice all those years ago when I first left Puerto Rico but I felt excluded and judged by others when I came to California. Someday, I will tell… For now, it makes me so happy that Marianna found her voice and that today so many families benefit from her bilingual message!

Two other #DreamBigPrincess stories left an imprint in my heart. (https://www.youtube.com/user/LatinaBloggers)

To Elayna (The Positive Mom) I say, your life is VERY VALUABLE, you matter ¡Tú VALES! The world is a better place because you are in it! And to Vanessa (DeSuMama), listening to you I realize that in life, showing-up is required. We have to show up because if we don’t, if we don’t make the choice, if we just stay put or stay behind, we will miss out on all the wonderful things that are in front of us waiting to be discovered. #atrevete!



Here are the 5 things I took away from #EnergyofSisterhood

1.Whether you are new to the #WeAllGrowLatina community (https://www.weallgrowlatina.com/) or have been around for a while, these women have your back.

2.There is always something new to learn within social media, and many people that want to help you.

3.Attack a new opportunity head on, and allow it to help you grow!

4.Never be afraid to ask for help!

5.You are making a difference.


Until the next #WeAllGrow!

Bai Bai,