If you are still in need of a few gift ideas for Three Kings Day, and can’t come up with one, how about books! Libros!! A Los Tres Reyes Magos les gustaria! The Kings are fans of good books! Especially when the stories are fun and they teach the kids about self-confidence, independence, and how to handle drama! That is what Emma is on the Air/Party Drama is about!

Still in her quest to becoming a TV journalist when she grows up, as introduced by the author in the first book, Emma’s Big News, young Emma and her friends find themselves in a pickle when they are planning their Halloween customs for their school party and one of the customs goes missing… Emma the reporter to the rescue! “Where can the costume be? Did someone took it?” She and her friends work together to figure out what happened.

Emma’s Party Drama is the second book in a series by award winning journalist, on-air New York City reporter, and mother of two half Dominican children, Ida Siegal. The books are geared for elementary school children, ages seven to ten. Emma’s character is based on Siegal’s children’s heritage. In the book the children have a Spanish class and there are Spanish words throughout, emphasizing the author’s love for the language. At the end, spirited Emma and her friends save the day!

For now Emma is On the Air/Big News and Emma is on the Air/Party Drama, published by Scholastic are only in English but the Spanish version will be out soon. For more information about the book, visit http://www.emmaisontheair.com/

And for more book ideas for other age groups, I invite you look under Parentig and click Children’s Library. There are many more ideas para Los Reyes Magos in there!

Bai, Bai