Cuban-descent mentor and counseling expert, Dr. Sylvia Patricia on living life with gusto! #SpotlightTuesday

It always makes me smile when I hear stories that involve women helping each other. I don’t remember experiencing much of that when I entered the work force 25 years ago. Today, there are so many resources for women, especially for women entrepreneurs, and many opportunities to grow (#WeAllGrow) and learn from one another, especially women that have become #jefas and are establishing and developing their own online businesses.

Enter Miami mentor, counselor, and entrepreneur Dr. Sylvia Patricia, founder of The Gusto Life, a company that offers bilingual services to women entrepreneurs on how to build an online business and find financial freedom to live their life with #Gusto. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Doctorate degree in Education. Her schooling has allowed her the opportunity to mentor women from all walks of life for over 20 years.

She is also the creator of #GustoWoman, a Facebook group and hub for women entrepreneurs. Her blog, Today’s Gusto, is where she shares what is happening in Miami daily, and in the world.

Though we found each other online, Sylvia Patricia and I got to meet in person this past April in Miami. We share the love for Cuban food, family, and for anything Caribbean!


MB: Where were you born and raised?

SP: I was born in Boston, MA and raised in Miami, when I moved there at the age of 9.

MB:  Were you raised bilingual and bicultural? Are you raising your children with two languages and two cultures?

SP: My first language was Spanish and I learned English in school in Boston. Growing up I spoke Spanish and listened to Latin music and ate delicious Latin food at home. Once I moved to Miami, my Spanish was reinforced at school. That is how I became more fluent. Also, my culture was reinforced because of the rich Latin culture in Miami.

My children were raised to be bilingual. When they were younger, I consciously/intentionally chose to speak to them in Spanish and expose them to as much of my culture as possible.


MB: You are a professional mentor for women entrepreneurs. Is that like a life coach?

SP: Yes, I am a Mentor and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. I have parlayed all of my education, professional and personal experience into my own business and I teach women entrepreneurs how to build an online business. I believe in women’s empowerment and owning your own business, through the use of today’s technology. Earning your own money is very empowering. I feel passionate about my work with women entrepreneurs and the transformational work that we do together.


MB: How did you decide to start Gusto Woman Facebook Page? What is your goal?  Is it for Latina women only or for all women?

SP: The idea of GUSTO WOMAN came about from my company and brand, The Gusto Life. It is also what I saw as the transformation of many of my clients. A GUSTO WOMAN, is the end all of living The Gusto Life. A GUSTO WOMAN, has a heart of gold, wants to make a positive impact in the world, wants to leave a legacy, is a smart business woman and lives The Gusto Life {Time Freedom + Financial Freedom + Gusto}. After seeing this transformation and common goals for most of my clients, I decided to start a FB Group where other like-minded and ambitious women entrepreneurs could share a space that provides support, personal development and business development along with other topics of interest {fashion, fitness, food, travel, etc.} for a high-vibe lifestyle. The group is for any ambitious woman entrepreneur that wants to live their life with Gusto!


MB: In your page, the main focus is women entrepreneurs. How do find inspiration to inspire women?

SP: I find the inspiration through my family and especially through my mother and my daughters. My mother has always been a great role model for me but she and I both believe that she could have gone further in her professional life had she received guidance, support and mentorship. I was fortunate enough to have experienced some mentorship and I found it to be invaluable. Through my daughter’s, I can see even more of the benefits that guidance and support can provide in order to elevate a woman to a new level. These experiences have been very impactful to me, which in turn, inspires me to inspire other women.


MB: I know you post at least three times a day. Do you also blog? Where do you blog? What is your daily or weekly message?

SP: Yes, I enjoy my FB Group, GUSTO WOMAN, very much! I am currently using my FB Business Page, The Gusto Life with Dr. Sylvia Patricia, as my personal blog while my website is being developed. I also provide some content and information on the entrepreneur scene in my Miami on my Instagram and Twitter @TheGustoLife. My message usually consists of women’s empowerment with an emphasis on business development and personal development but I also like to cover topics on fashion, fitness, food, travel and all things related to being an ambitious, high-vibe, and conscious woman entrepreneur.

MB: Favorite #bilingual activity you do with your children?

SP: When my children were younger I searched high and low for toys that were in Spanish along with movies {at the time DVD’s} in Spanish. I also loved to play all types of music for them in Spanish. I found that through speaking, reading, and singing they have been able to learn the language and learn about the culture.


MB: Favorite #bicultural activity?

Noche Buena with my family and Christmas Day with my husband’s family. The best of both worlds!


MB: How do you find a balance between work and home?

SP: I find the balance by incorporating time for myself through exercising. I enjoy fitness and especially running outside in nature on a beautiful day.


MB: What are you reading these days?

SP: I love to constantly be learning and I love Audible because I can listen to a book while I’m working out, in the car, etc. I just finished listening to “GRIT” by Angela Ducksworth and I am working through the paperback version of “Tool of Titans” by Tim Ferriss. At the moment, I’m also listening to “Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance and “You Are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.


MB: What is your favorite charity or cause?

SP: I am usually partial to any and all causes for women and/or children.


MB: What is your message for parents raising children in today’s world? Especially to parents raising children with two or more cultures?

SP: My message for parents in today’s world would be to fully embrace and pass on all that you come from, all that you are and teach your children about all the different cultures that this amazing world has to offer.


MB: What is your message for Latina women starting their own business?

SP: Believe that they can do it! Through today’s technology and the support that is readily available through various organizations, mentors and coaches and if they take action NOW, there is no limit as to what is possible for them!


Living our lives with Gusto? Don’t we all want that?


Bai, Bai,