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Latino Millennial’s marriage proposal!

I did not ask my Fiancée’s Father for her Hand in Marriage Although I would like to have had that man-to-man conversation with the father of my girlfriend before embarking on this big step of our lives, it was impossible. […]

There’s no Other Place like Home for the Holidays!

The holidays are here and luckily for some of us that means spending more time with our immediate family because we may live many miles away from each other. ¡Muy lejos! I can’t ever picture myself nagging about visiting the […]

Talking to my Parents Daily Will Never get Old

Nowadays with different types of technologies and with social media taking the lead in the way we communicate with others I still prefer talking to my parents over the phone at least once a day. Believe it or not I […]

To My Daughter As She Enters Her Last Year of College

Dear Franceska: I can’t believe this is it, your last year as a college student! So much has happened since your first year. So many memories and so many lessons. This time, for the first time, you will living on […]