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For Your Kids Summer List! I Want to Grow Up/Quiero Ser Grande

So far, this has been a summer filled with new and exciting animated characters in movies for our kids to learn about family, language and culture; Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory,’ Disney’s first Latina princess, ‘Elena,’ and even ‘Gloria’ and friends in […]

The Moms That Share Our Motherhood Journey

As a seasoned mom (ya sabes, mamá madura), and since this is the month where we celebrate mothers, I have been reflecting on the moms in my life and how they have affected and influenced mine. From my mom to […]

Reading at home? Easy with @ReadConmigo

As a parent of two children and as a multicultural parenting author and blogger, I know first hand about the benefits of reading to young children being directly correlated to their academic success. Research shows that reading to kids from birth on up improves […]

Nostalgia Over My Daughter

Early this week, I was at the market and in front of me was a mom with a baby in a sling. It was crowded and noisy at the store but the little girl was fast asleep. The mom and […]

Latino Influentials Raising Bilingual and Bicultural Children

Argentinian Entrepreneur Roxana Lissa, a true believer in the benefits of being bilingual and bicultural. Roxana Lissa is the Founder and CEO of RL Public Relations + Marketing, and Partner of Sportivo, Sports Marketing. With offices in both the east […]

What I learned at #WeAllGrow Summit, the second time around.

If you follow me on my social media platforms, you are probably familiar with my activities and events, especially those that empower Latinas. You might have also guessed, that one of my favorites events is the #WeAllGrow Summit, which was […]