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Café en Los Angeles: Vivir en los Angeles Expatriada

Bienvenida al Café en Los Angeles. No sabes que alegría de conocerte y de formar parte de la familia de Mamás por el mundo. En este espacio espero compartir contigo las aventuras de las madres y padres (no hay que excluirlos!) que han […]

Myths and Facts of Spanish vs English

I was being interviewed recently about my book, Raising Bilingual Children, and the reporter asked me about the myths vs the facts of raising bilingual kids.  She said that there are parents out there that truly believe that it is […]

Reseña de Inside Out de Disney/Pixar

¿Ya vieron la película de Disney/Pixar, Inside Out? ¡Está súper linda! Y con estos calores, qué divertido salir al cine con los pequeños a mirar una buena película. Después de todo, la película tiene un mensaje súper emotivo y que nos […]

Children’s Book Review: Emma on the AIR

Summer is here and it is important that we continue with our reading routine at home. Just because the kids don’t go to school, doesn’t mean they stop learning, right? I am excited to tell you about a book that […]

Let’s Read!

Let’s read! Recently, I was invited to be the mistress of ceremonies for an event that kicked off Bilingual Literacy Month in my area. Spearheaded by ReadConmigo the award winning parent-focused bilingual literacy program, the month-long event is giving away 50,000 […]

Revisiting Culture

Revisiting Culture It has been a week now that I got back from visiting my parents. It is always nice to spend quality time with family and friends back home. I especially enjoy the food and just hanging out with […]

Latino Influencers on Parenting

Beatriz Acevedo President, Mitu Network A Founding Partner and President of MiTu Network Beatriz is a true digital pioneer, Latin media expert and network approved show-runner.  With over 20 years of entertainment experience she has created, developed and produced over 1,000 half-hours of […]